Why, he asks and she cannot understand. Does it matter? Already she feels this fickle human emotion, love they call it, and now they ask her to define it? Where she comes from emotions are far from definable and as far as she has gathered, so are theirs. Yet humans, this curious species, seem to have this intense need for labelling everything they come across. It is supposed to be short, dark, funny, intense, red or anything or everything and she still cannot see the need for it. Is there a need for it, or is it the mind of these humans, calling for attention and order in a world so far from it? They do not know much of this people, not yet, and that is why she is here, why she has travelled so far away and so far from home and it is why she even could fall in love with the impossible man in the first place. She suspects he is just like any other human man but to her he is exotic and different, far, far away from her greenish scales and her eyes in the colour that humans have no name for yet. She has not told him her people do not have a name for it either because he wouldn’t understand, wouldn’t get why they don’t. Just as she doesn’t get what he wants know. She loves him, and so she told him and then he smiled that brilliant smile which rapidly result in her species equivalent of a grin the way it always does. What she cannot understand is this constant need for why, this desperate chase for reasons and answers and twirling underlying thoughts considering the purpose of life. But she loves him and so in the end she makes up for a reason because she knows how thrilled he will be and how happy and content he will look when he returns the favour. She sure loves him.

fjortonde augusti tvåtusentio

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  1. SÅ kul att du hittade in till mig....du är så välkommen tillbaka
    Vilken ordkonstnär du är...ska läsa vidare här inne..tycker om det jag läser
    Ha de´

  1. Yamile says:

    Hey- Sweden highschool sounds way better than American highschool! Hahah, Yeah I havent been on my blog in a really long time either and I guess that is the summers fault. I have had a great summer! And I love to sign on and read what you have to say about Sweden, it's so interesting! How was your summer?

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Ge mig ett ögonblick av din tid.

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future; concentrate the mind on the present moment."


Ett ögonblick.

It dawned on her and her entire world changed. Just like that. During one moment. That's all it takes. And moments - they're all we've got.

Here is a collection of moments. They are moments in which decisions are made, life-changing things happens, moments in which people finally stand up for what they believe in; fragments of lives bound in a single moment during which people shrink back in fear and terror. In some moments nothing at all happens.

Here they are. Moments of the World.


All men dream; but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recess of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.
T.E. Lawrence

I am Me.

18 years of age and expected to have a whole life planned, expected to know and to want. I don’t want much else than being happy, but people don’t like when you answer questions like that. It makes me a bit sad but there’s no need to worry: slowly, I’m changing the world.